A poem dedicated to all the epic women out here!

I am an African woman, a mother, a sister, a wife, I am also a daughter.

I am African because I believe in the Africa woman's dream.

I believe in the dream to be equal

A dream that breaks the boundary of what the society places upon us as a role.

Do you know that which is our Uniqueness?

It is the beauty of our indestructible strength of getting knocked down and getting back up.

The beauty of a passion for Achieving

The beauty of a nurturer  Because I am an African Woman and we are Epic

_ Fausiat Bakare-Balogun, Lagos #ONEChampion
Dedicating this poem to all the Epic African Women in the world to commemorate #AFRICADAY
What do you think .

People-oriented programmes can curb population explosion in Nigeria

A s Nigeria celebrates the World Population Day 2019, the Nation needs to strategically implement effective people-oriented programmes that can stem the tide of the negative impact of unbridled population explosion on the countries resources and stability.  Development Communications (DevComs) Network, call on everyone to celebrate this year’s World Population Day with the theme: “25 Years of ICPD: Accelerating the Promise” and make the ICPD promises a reality for the betterment of all Nigerians.

Nigeria’s rising population remains a threat to the country’s economic and social development, 25 years after the historic International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). The little resources apportioned for a certain number of people is being stretched to more people because of the large population thereby stagnating future development and advancement of the country.

Photo: The Nigeria Child, what future do they have?
The ICPD was the inaugural meeting in Cairo in the year 1994…
CELLGEVITY and How it Works
Cellgevity is a total game changer and helps the body maintain the Best of Health. Cellgevity helps to raise Glutathione in the cells and when that happens health can be remarkably improved. Most chronic health challenges are associated with low glutathione, including  Diabetes, Arthritis, Hypertension, Stroke, Asthma, Sickle Cell, Prostate, Infertility, Cancer, Kidney Disease,  Hepatitis B/C and over 70 other diseases. You may not understand how only one product is capable doing all these at the same time unless you understand the power of Glutathione.

So What is Glutathione??

Glutathione is the most important antioxidant in the human body. Without it all other antioxidants eg Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A etc. cannot function effectively. Glutathione also strengthens our immune system, detoxifies our cells, and protects us against oxidative stress. We cannot live without glutathione. It is essential for human life. If we have enough glutathione, our cell…

Meet Hadiza, a sweet 16 year-old who was married to her uncle at 9

Meet Hadiza, a sweet 16 year-old who was married to her uncle at 9, pregnant at 12 and developed an obstetric fistula after prolonged labour and her baby’s death Today is International Day to #EndObstetricFistula

Read Hadiza story below!!!

 Hadiza was one of 63 fistula patients at the Danja Fistula Center in Niger with whom I spent a week in February. Hadiza is recovering from her 4th fistula surgery a month ago and lives in hope that she will be “dry” again. Fistula is a condition that affects hundreds of thousands of women, sadly 90% of them in Africa. Their story, like that of Hadiza, is one that hardly gets told. The tragedy of obstetric fistula for women and girls in Africa An obstetric fistula is a childbirth complication due to obstructed labour when the tissues between a woman’s vagina and her bladder or rectum are damaged from the continuous pressure from the baby’s head stuck in the birth canal. The dead tissue falls off resulting in a hole through which the woman continuous…

Healing after a Caesarian Section;

8 tips to heal faster  If you are a mother and you have gone through the pains of bringing another human from your body regardless of where baby came out from please give yourself a big round of applause, if the baby is by caesarean section make the applause longer! It may take about six weeks to forever to recover from your #caesareansection
So, I asked a couple of my friends to share tips about healing after CS and here is what they have to say;
1.Once your dressing has been removed, clean and dry your wound carefully every day. You may find it more comfortable to wear cotton high-waisted pants and loose clothes (grandma knickers only) so it won't touch your CS site 2.Wear your compression socks to avoid blood clot and help increase blood flow 3. No lifting any heavy stuff, the heavies you should be carrying is your baby 4.Avoid doing exercise till after 3 months. Chill Mama and don't set unrealistic body goals, remember healing comes first. However, you can start with your Ke…

Vaginal Care after Delivery

If you have just had a baby through vaginal delivery, give yourself and your vagina a huge round of applause, she deserves it!

During delivery i was given an episiotomy and instead of 6 weeks healing I was anticipating, it took about 5 months to heal. It was horrible. I did a lot of things wrong that made the healing worse and did some things right. 

So, let me share some tips that helps

1. It's important to keep your stitches clean. This will reduce the chance of getting an infection. Change your sanitary pads frequently and wash your hands before and afterwards.

2. Use warm water to rinse while bathing or urinating. Warm not hot! African Mama's will tell you hot, warm water is enough to do the tricks and heal you just right 

3. The fear of pooping after vaginal delivery is the beginning of wisdom (Lol) which is why my very African Mama’s tip is to take lots of liquid especially (pap) and food rich in fibre content, take it plentieee and you can easily go without the fear of rippi…

Can drinking water help get rid of acne?

When you drink more water toxins are flushed out, your skin reacts by overcoming any acne you may as of now have.

Drinking enough water will break up the waste products from the body system. So, it effortlessly evacuates and dives out. Without sufficient amount of water, there will not be much to break down

Drink enough water for your body to remain adequately hydrated as the day progress they keeps toxins from working up to form acne.

 When you have a low level of poisonous elements in your body, your skin will benefit

Each and every procedure in your body relies upon you being hydrated.

 In a need to look and feel your best, bear in mind to drink a lot of water.

Your body is 70% water on purpose
So before you spend money on expensive products to get rid of the toxins ask yourself, am I drinking enough water?

Balogun Fausiat (C) Founder Healthcommunicators Media content provider, Trainer & consultant, Communication4Development, Social Media Influencer Catch me on Twitter @Healthcom…